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They protect you then run when they fuck up


This chapter on obstruction of justice covers those statutes in Title 18, Chapter 73, that protect the integrity of proceedings before the Federal judiciary, Federal executive departments and agencies, and Congress, as well as individuals connected with those proceedings. Section 4 of the Victim and Witness Protection Act of 1982 (hereinafter "VWPA"), Pub. L. No. 97-291, § 4, 96 Stat. 1248, 1249-53, thoroughly overhauled and revised this area of the law. Several provisions were amended further by the Criminal Law and Procedure Technical Amendments Act of 1986 (hereinafter "CLPTA"), Pub. L. No. 99-646.

Prior to the enactment of the VWPA, the primary objects of the protection of Chapter 73 were witnesses and parties in ongoing proceedings (former 18 U.S.C. §§  1503, 1505) and informants (former 18 U.S.C. §  1510). The VWPA reorganized and expanded the coverage of Chapter 73 and transferred most of the work that had been allocated to former 18 U.S.C. §§ 1503, 1505, and 1510 to the new sections of 1512 and 1513. In addition, the former statutory scheme was organized on the basis of the identification of the victim of the illegal act as either a witness or party. Sections 1512 and 1513 eliminate these categories and focus instead on the intent of the wrongdoer. If the illegal act was intended to affect the future conduct of any person in connection with his/her participation in Federal proceedings or his/her communication of information to Federal law enforcement officers, it is covered by 18 U.S.C. § 1512. If, on the other hand, the illegal act was intended as a response to past conduct of that nature, it is covered by 18 U.S.C. § 1513.

The following statutes are now the chief elements of Chapter 73 of Title 18 of the United States Code, which is entitled "Obstruction of Justice":

18 U.S.C. § 1512 prohibits the use of intimidation, harassment, threats or physical force, including killing or attempts to kill, that is aimed at affecting the presentation of evidence in official proceedings or at impeding the communication of information to law enforcement officers. Section 1512 protects victims of crime, witnesses and informants. Included within this protection is any person who is intimidated, harassed, or killed on account of his/her being, or on account of his/her relation to, a victim, witness or informant. The provision applies to acts occurring inside as well as outside the United States.

18 U.S.C. § 1512 is not limited by the "pending proceeding" requirement of §§ 1503 and 1505. Accordingly, it is not necessary to show that an official proceeding is pending or about to be instituted at the time of the offense. In addition, § 1512 proscribes misleading conduct intended to obstruct justice and thereby fills a gap in the law of those circuits that have held that such conduct is not covered by the omnibus clauses of §§  1503 and 1505.

18 U.S.C. § 1513 fills gaps in the law by proscribing threats of retaliation and attempts to retaliate by causing or threatening to cause bodily injury or damage to tangible property of a witness, victim or informant who participated in an official proceeding or who communicated information to law enforcement officers. Like § 1512, the Federal courts have extraterritorial jurisdiction over acts occurring outside the United States.

18 U.S.C. § 1515 defines the terms used in 18 U.S.C. §§  1512 and 1513. As enacted in the Criminal Law and Procedure Technical Amendments Act of 1986, Pub. L. No. 99-646, Congress made it clear that the bona fide provision of legal representation services in connection with or in anticipation of an official proceeding does not constitute an obstruction of justice offense. See 18 U.S.C. § 1515(b).

The statutes that form the remainder of Chapter 73, 18 U.S.C. §§  1501, 1502, 1504, 1506 to 1509, and 1511, are not discussed in this chapter.


Howson and Simon ~ Lance Geersten CPA / Alamo Mormon


Some quick example text to build on the card title and make up the bulk of the card's content.

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#deadwitness - Debunking and presenting Flight 93 the tragic lies with Amdahl and the CIA that made Ellison rich


Let's roll - The true story of an Oracle hero

There were many heroes on September 11, 2001, but one of the most notable was the brave fellow who charged into certain death to prevent the hijackers on flight 93 from reaching their target.  If you have ever seen the movie "Flight 93", you know about the courageous Todd Beamer who saved the lives of hundreds of people by sacrificing his life to kill the hijackers. 

Todd is best remembered for his famous last words:

"Are you guys ready? Let's roll."

Todd Beamer, Oracle

Todd Beamer, age 32, was an account manager with Oracle Corporation in New Jersey.

Oracle has a history of only hiring the best and the brightest, but it's clear from Mr. Beamer's acts that Oracle also hires the bravest.  (There were seven other Oracle employees who died in the World Trade Center on 911).

In a NEWSWEEK article titled "The Real Story of Flight 93" we see the complete transcript of this amazing fellow, and his heartbreaking last conversations, as he realized that he was going to die.

""In daring and dying, the passengers and crew of Flight 93 found victory for us all."

In this link describing the telephone conversation that he had before storming the hijackers we see that Todd was brave to the end:

"Beamer became anxious.

"Oh! We're going down!" he shouted at one point.

He paused, then said in a calmer voice, "No, we're OK. I think we're turning around."

Beamer then told Jefferson that he and the others had decided to "jump on" the hijacker wearing the bomb.

Jefferson could hear shouts and commotion and then Beamer asked her to pray with him. They recited the 23rd Psalm.

He got Jefferson to promise that she would call his family, then dropped the phone, leaving the line open.

That's when Jefferson heard what Lisa Beamer believes were her husband's last words: "Let's roll."

Then there was silence. Jefferson hung up at 10 a.m. EST, realizing that the plane had gone down. Officials said it crashed at 9:58 a.m."

His widow, Lisa Beamer has published the book ?Let's Roll?, describing her husbands courage, and I would encourage everyone to get a copy and show your support for this wonderful Oracle employee.

In her book she reveals that Larry Ellison may have had special contacts with the government, knowing about Todd's death before the general public.

"On 9/13/2001, Larry Ellison, chief executive officer (CEO) of Oracle, sent an email to Oracle employees. In this email, Ellison praised Todd for Todd's heroic actions in fighting the terrorists and in stopping the plane from reaching its destination in Washington DC. (pages 184, 185)".



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