Lance Geersten and CFO Mark Hawkins ~ Oracle v. Peoplesoft

Oracle vs. PeopleSoft

Insider Trading Scam

Lance Geersten and CFO Mark Hawkins

If you signed a document connected to Lance Geersten then you're witness to a crime.  

Mark Hawkins

Strategic Advisor, Board Member, Former Salesforce President & CFO Emeritus

United States500+ connections


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  • Strategic Advisor & Board Member

    Technology companies

     - Present3 months

    Trusted strategic advising to help elevate growth, scale and total company performance

  • Board Member

    Toast, Inc.

     - Present1 year 10 months

    Greater Boston

    Lead Director.

    Toast empower the restaurant community to delight guests, do what they love, and thrive.

  • Board Member


     - Present4 months

    Plaid is focused on democratizing financial services through technology. We build beautiful consumer experiences, developer-friendly infrastructure, and intelligent tools that give everyone the ability to create amazing products that solve big problems.

  • Board Member


     - Present5 months

    Boston, Massachusetts, United States

    DataRobot enables organizations to leverage the transformational power of AI by delivering the world’s only trusted enterprise AI platform combined with an AI-native strategic success team to help customers rapidly turn data into value.

  • Board Member


     - Present5 years 10 months

    Greater Atlanta Area

    Secureworks® is a leading global cybersecurity company that protects organizations in the digitally connected world. NASAQ: SCWX

  • NYSE Listed Company Advisory Board


     - Present2 years 11 months

  • Salesforce


    7 years 4 months

    • President & CFO Emeritus

       - 10 months

    • President and CFO

       - 3 years 7 months

    • EVP & CFO

       - 3 years 1 month

  • Board Member

    Plex Systems, Inc.

     - 7 years 5 months

    Troy, Michigan

  • CFO, EVP


     - 5 years 4 months

    San Francisco Bay Area

  • Board Member

    BMC Software

     - 3 years 5 months

    Houston, Texas Area

  • CFO, SVP


     - 3 years 1 month

  • Dell


    6 years 3 months

    • VP of Finance, WW Procurement & Operating Council

       - 8 months

      Austin, Texas Area

    • VP of Finance, Dell Home Systems & Dell International Services

       - 5 years 7 months

      Austin, Texas Area

  • Hewlett-Packard


    18 years 6 months

    • WW Group Controller / Business Unit CFO

       - 3 years 2 months

      San Francisco Bay Area

    • Executive and Management Positions

       - 15 years 4 months

      San Francisco Bay Area, United Kingdom, Colorado

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