Friends of Lawrence Investments ~ Oracle v. Peoplesoft

Oracle vs. PeopleSoft

Insider Trading Scam

Friends of Lawrence Investments

Oracle vs. PeopleSoft

Pete Bennett hired as consultant by David Fishman of to manage the slide deck for the defense of the Oracle hostile takeover of PeopleSoft

Pete Bennett (2007) PBS NewsHour

Picture taken just weeks after appearing on CNN with Oracle Spokesman Robert Hoffman

Vector Capital 

Dave Fishman hired Bennett while Bennett was unaware of the Mormon connections between former Oracle President Gary Kennedy and Mormons near Pete Bennett.  Dave is a nice guy and Bennett began reaching out just after Covid-19 shutdown.  He has had enough time to consider my position.  

Pete Bennett (2007) PBS NewsHour

Former client of David Leslie Milne partner at Paterson, Teele and Dennis located at 120 Broadway New York NY.  My Milne died in 1962 and his clients years later were assassinated.  The firm was sold to where they are still in the same offices.

Mr. Milne is the grandfather of Pete Bennett who today realizes the death of Mr. Milne may have been suspicious.  Mrs. Milne lived until the 1980s never talked his death.  Today Pete is older and all that leads to one conclusion that she was heart broken.  That broken heart is very important to Pete.  

Pete Bennett (2007) PBS NewsHour

Bennett today life is very different, suits are gone, no car, no license, constantly arrested and harassed by certain officers from different Contra Costa Law Enforcement but the brunt is the the City of Walnut Creek Pete Bennett (2009) around the time he appeared on PBS with Robert Hoffman Spokesman for Oracle Software. Mr. Hoffman moved to Accenture several years later.

Pete Bennett (2007) PBS NewsHour

On the right of the son of James S. Greenan, brother-in-law of Dax Craven who represented Bennett in Tarrant vs. Bennett.  During the Oracle vs. PeopleSoft hostile takeover Bennett was hired via Vector Capital to assist with the PowerPoint slide deck where he managed the excel and powerslides for the final review for management

Gary Kennedy

One thing about Mormons is they act exactly like Glue Sticks - they never let go of the money or your connections

Mitt Romney - Clearly connected to Attorney Rick Kopf of Alamo 1st

Bain Capital is somewhat perplexing but Romney took millions from the parties in Bennett's opinion is strongly connected to a witness murder in the matter of Bennett vs. Southern Pacific during 1989 where witness Floyd Brown Jr. death is highly suspicious as well as invisible

David Leslie Milne

David Leslie Milne is the Grandfather of Pete Bennett.  Mr. Milne represented the Kennedy's, Rockefeller's, and Marvin Pierce father of Barbara Bush

Mr Milne resided at 417 Park Ave 12c New York NY recently sold by CBRE to GDS Development and CBRE had something to do with the arrest of Bennett but worse one CBRE SVP knows who rigged Bennett's truck to explode during 2004

Bennett wants answers and he appears to be getting under the skin of the suspects who nearly killed Bennett on more than one


The unacceptable part is the murder of that wonderful five year old girl.  Kinder Morgan paid Contra Costa DA a 15 Million dollar fine which basically is part of the assets of ENRON or Southern Pacific.  All SP had to do was lower the usages fees just like Enron gamed those same fees.  



The Core of the conspiracy


Mark Coon

Mark was gracious with his time, he was responsive and he allegdely jumped from the Cheesecake Factory 2015. He was aware of the murders of the Strack Family, The Driscoll Murders, Bennett vs. Southern Pacific and the witness murder of Gary Collins.

Mr. Railroad - Killer as she goes


FBI Agent Frank Doyle Jr.

This agent arrived at Mainframe Designs Cabinets and Fixtures about one week after Bennett endured his second very injury. Sometime during 1989 a key witness in Bennett v. Southern Pacific was dead.


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